Landscape Services

We know how important and distinctive home landscaping needs are. We always go an extra mile in comprehending your needs/wants and suggest solutions that will instantly win a big wow from you. It is your home that we treat as a precious gem and mold it the way you like it by using our creative, innovative and imaginative approach. At M&S, we take extra care in understanding your personal touch to achieve the best landscape design and build for your home.



Walkway are the first introduction to your home to visitors/guests. We wish to make them seamlessly integrated to your yard or garden. The difference in what we do lies in our abilities to design and build walkways in a different yet unique style. Which is not only just aesthetically pleasing but is also cognizant and compliant with the safety standards. Leave it to M&S to give your walkways a breathtaking look and feel.

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Dream Garden

At M&S we know that it’s not just the interior that counts when it comes to your house. Our gardens are an essential indulgence that will help you enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Our work incorporates natural elements from Flora, Fauna, natural stones and water features to bring to life the dream garden that your home deserves.


Natural Stone

Not all things are created equal but no stone is left unturned. At M&S we have over 15 years of experience in natural stone work. We have experience working with a vast variety of natural stones and understand the uniqueness that each stone brings. We create landscapes by laying down stones in ways that enhance their natural beauty.

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Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a special kind of wall that serves a dual purpose of supporting itself and actively holding back pressure from materials behind it. We have over 15 years of experience with natural stone retaining walls and can handle the challenges that come with laying them out. We will work with your vision to build you a beautiful retaining wall that completes your garden.



Are you looking for that privacy and security in your beautiful outdoor space? You have come to right place. At M&S we make sure that you feel at home even while you are in your outdoor space. Building natural looking fences that compliment your landscape is our expertise. We make use of the best material and follow the best practices to design and build you the right fence.

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  1. Yesna says:

    Great landscape company professional work beautiful product…. highly recommend!!! 100%

  2. Carl Rauchberger says:

    We are extremely happy with M&S Landscaping’s work. I found it to be excellent and precise workmanship. I would highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates a job well done.

  3. Perry Menzies says:

    The service we received through M&S was spectacular from start to finish. Sam was very responsive and thorough, providing designs and revisions as requested in a timely manner. The price was fair and the work was completed efficiently. The team was friendly and professional. The final product was better than we expected! I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the quality, value and professionalism of M&S. I would recommend their work to anyone.

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